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Preserve the art of cinematography with the MainConcept VC-1 SDK

Fast encoding and decoding components for VC-1 based Blu-ray disc, Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight streams

SMPTE VC-1 was adopted as a video format for Blu-ray Disc. The MainConcept® VC-1 Codec Package offers fast encoding and decoding speeds in the Simple, Main and Advanced Profiles, as well as all levels supported by the standard. The corresponding VC-1 Decoder is a software-only decoding solution for SMPTE 421M-2006 (VC-1) video streams. The filter can process VC-1 video streams produced by the MainConcept MPEG Demultiplexer or any other compliant filter, such as the Microsoft ASF Reader.
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Product Highlights

Stream Types & Formats

  • Elementary Stream: Generic VC-1 Elementary Streams
  • Transport Stream: Blu-ray Disc
  • ASF: Windows Media (WMV), Microsoft Silverlight

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Authentic cinematic look

With the MainConcept VC-1 SDK, you get optimal retention of film-grain in the encoder for full HD Blu-ray Disc content creation that preserves the original cinematic look of the content.

Media compliant

The media-compliant MainConcept VC-1 Encoder and Decoder with SMPTE 421M-2006 specification includes ready-to-use presets for VC-1 based Blu-ray Disc streams, Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight.

Fast encoding and decoding

Fast encoding and decoding speeds in the Simple, Main and Advanced Profiles and all levels supported by the SMPTE VC-1 standard.


VC-1 Encoder SDK
Complete VC-1 Encoder with Windows Media and Blu-ray disc support.
VC-1 Decoder SDK
Complete VC-1 Decoder with Windows Media and Blu-ray disc support.