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Bigger impact, better compression than AVC, and faster encoding with GPU acceleration—on your choice of hardware

Unmatched HEVC/H.265 encoding and decoding quality and performance

With 4K available on billions of devices and 8K hot on its heels, HEVC/H.265 has quickly become the next-generation video codec of choice (offering better compression than its predecessor, AVC/H.264). The MainConcept® HEVC SDK, used today by many top companies in the industry to power their software offerings, delivers on the promise of higher performance with up to 30% greater bitrate efficiency than open source and it continually ranks at the top for overall codec quality.

The latest version combines MainConcept’s industry-leading HEVC/H.265 software encoding and decoding technology with the high performance of today’s GPU hardware processing from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. Regardless of whether you target speed or quality, MainConcept EVA (Easy Video API) always enables the right processing for your workflow. Users get a one-stop solution for both software and hardware processing from MainConcept.

Widely deployed across streaming and broadcast use cases with plentiful features and powerful options, the MainConcept HEVC SDK offers unmatched reliability. Create better, faster and smarter videos with our patented SABET™ , get guaranteed stable frame rate and no dropped frames with AutoLive Encoding, and encode new video identical to your pre-recorded video library with AutoMatch Encoding.

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Product Highlights

Seamless integration with AMD, Intel and NVIDIA hardware via MainConcept EVA
Software as well as hardware-based HEVC/H.265 encoding and decoding compatible with Intel CPUs (3rd Generation Intel Core Processors and newer), Intel ARC GPUs, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs using the time-saving and cost-effective MainConcept Easy Video API.

Coding profiles
MainConcept HEVC now offers extended HDR signaling support for DVB Video encoding. There is also support for multiple natively progressive or interlaced decoder profiles from Main profile to 4:4:4 12-bit, and DVB-T2. Seamless hardware decoding support of H.265 video for improved CPU consumption with capable NVIDIA and Intel GPUs.

HDR processing & conversion
With the MainConcept HEVC/H.265 SDK, you can not only output in SDR or two HDR formats, you can also convert between the formats in real-time. PQ/HDR-10 to HLG, HLG to PQ/HDR-10, PQ/HDR-10 to SDR conversion as well as full support for SMPTE-2086 metadata complete the decoder’s feature set.


New heights for high-efficiency video encoding

MainConcept takes video encoding to new heights! With the MainConcept HEVC/H.265 SDK, compression is improved over AVC and you can operate using less bandwidth than with open source. In fact, in codec performance comparisons by MSU prove MainConcept’s HEVC encoding superiority and showed 30% greater bitrate efficiency than open source for fixed resolution video encoding.

Highest flexibility with MainConcept EVA – Easy Video API

Deploy our HEVC/H.265 software and AMD, NVIDIA and Intel GPU hardware encoders as well as decoder via MainConcept’s Easy Video API to save integration time and costs. Compliant with AMD Radeon GPUs, Intel’s ARC series of discrete GPUs and Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) processors as well as NVIDIA’s RTX 40xx series (Ada Lovelace architecture) freeing the CPU from heavy video tasks. Use MainConcept’s software codec improved quality and unsupported GPU features. 


Accelerated hybrid GPU HEVC encoding

The Hybrid HEVC Encoder combines MainConcept’s market-leading algorithms for bitrate control and encoding with the unrivaled GPU performance of NVIDIA RTX technology, delivering up to 2.5x faster processing.1 This allows for more live channels per server with less demand for CPU resources when encoding, reducing overall hardware investments.

1 Compared to MainConcept HEVC encoder without hybrid GPU acceleration

Smarter encoding with SABET Technology

Our patented Smart Adaptive Bitrate Encoding Technology (SABET™) gives you intelligent adaptive bitrate (ABR) encoding in a single instance by sharing processing data across up to 12 different profiles, reducing the total encoding time by over 30%.2

Guaranteed live performance with AutoLive Encoding

MainConcept AutoLive Encoding guarantees stable frame rate and no dropped frames with automatic adjustments of the encoder, based on input video material or CPU availability. Get the best possible image quality for your live encodings – automatically.

2 Optional feature. Compared to MainConcept HEVC encoder without SABET.
U.S Patent #s 9,357,210; 9,532,080; 10,178,399


HEVC/H.265 Encoder SDK
HEVC Encoder SDK with supported multiplexers and audio encoders. Direct access to AMD AMF, NVIDIA NVENC and Intel QSV (incl. Intel ARC GPUs) if present on the system (Windows & Linux x86 only).
Encoder Addons
4:2:2 support for HEVC Encoder Add-on feature enabling 4:2:2 support in the HEVC/H.265 encoder
Hybrid GPU accelerated Encoding Add-on feature to enable GPU Accelerated Encoding on NVIDIA RTX boards
SABET for HEVC Encoder Optionally enables our Smart Adaptive Bitrate Encoding Technology
HEVC/H.265 Decoder SDK
HEVC Decoder SDK, including hardware decoding support on NVIDIA NVDEC, Intel ARC or Intel QSV capable GPUs and HDR conversion, with supported demultiplexers and audio decoders.
Decoder Addons
WebASM HEVC Decoder SDK Stand-alone HEVC/H.265 decoder for WASM, including ready-to-use JS sample for quick integration