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Codec-Based Ad Technology

Better Ads with Optimized Codecs

The way we watch TV is changing. Ad monetization is changing with it. MainConcept has the solutions to lead the industry to the next level

MainConcept codecs help simplify the video compression process and lead to a streamlined ad placement experience for broadcasters. Our codec-based, server-side ad technology empowers broadcasters and video services to embed personalized overlay ads into a stream, at scale, in a simple, flexible, and efficient way.

The importance of engagement and personalization

Keeping viewers engaged is an age-old challenge for broadcasters and service providers alike. Streaming services that carefully manage the ad experience and deliver highly targeted and personalized ads can strike a better balance and maintain higher levels of user engagement. MainConcept cracked the code to serving highly personalized ad delivery on the server-side. With our Codec-Based Ad Technology, reap the security and coverage benefits of SSAI while finally being able to deliver deeper personalization.

ad formats

Ad formats

Ad breaks have been the standard format for ad delivery since the start of TV. Video service providers are looking for alternative ad formats to improve engagement. Overlay ads, which are typically displayed on top of the content being watched, are a promising addition. When implemented thoughtfully, overlay ads can improve viewer engagement and the overall viewing experience.

Codecs and ad-insertion

Video codecs are an important part of ad insertion. By choosing the right codec for the specific ad insertion method employed, video providers can ensure that ads are more efficient, optimized, and intelligent. We reimagined our core codec SDKs to enable a variety of ad enhancements and feature options. Whether using AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 or VVC/H.266, MainConcept’s codec SDKs can be deployed in your workflow to deliver next-level advertising.

Ad tech codec chart

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