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Codec Experts to the Rescue

Customer Care Redefined: The MainConcept Difference

Whether you are evaluating MainConcept products or have already purchased and integrated them, our exceptional Customer Care team can help you resolve any issues you might encounter.

Why MainConcept?

We take pride in making certain that we provide you with a pleasant and efficient resolution to your issue. High quality, genuine reliability, and superior performance set our codec technologies apart from other solutions and it carries over to our Customer Care and Professional Services teams, making them second to none. And, both our Customer Care and Professional Services teams are backed by the same Engineers that build MainConcept products.

Request help now by opening a support ticket

Please complete the applicable form including detailed descriptions as well as error messages, log files, example files and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue. We will contact you within two business days to let you know the status of your ticket and expected window of resolution.

Want to try before you buy?

Find all MainConcept evaluation products here.

Learn about our support options


With MainConcept SDKs, you have support options throughout your products lifecycle

Includes 60-days of email support beginning when you download the trial software

Our SDKs are built for simplicity, but if you need assistance beyond the included 60-day evaluation support window, additional options are available. Learn more.

New SDK license agreements include 3-months of customer care to ensure a smooth integration of products using MainConcept SDKs.

Maintenance & Support
Optional package includes product updates and priority access to our Customer Care team.

Legacy products
Products that have reached the end of their service life will no longer be updated. Any issues reported for these products are handled as low priority and may not be resolved. The Customer Care team can only provide technical integration support for these products.

Product Updates
SDK updates are made available via the MainConcept Customer Portal. To get access contact your sales representative or request an SDK evaluation.

*Evaluation and Integration Support assists with integrating components into their applications only.

Applications & Plugins

MainConcept Applications and Plugins are designed to be ready to use. If there are support needs, you have options.

Review documentation
Products include documentation covering installation, activation, general usage and known issues. User Guides, Manuals and Release Notes are installed in the product folders and are updated with each release.

Check out the Community Forum
The forum has friendly technology-focused discussions and is a great source for product documentation, including release notes and FAQs, as well as tutorial videos.

Contact Us
Still haven’t found an answer? Now it’s time to get in touch. Use the support form to start the discussion with the Customer Care team. Alternatively, you can email us at (in Japan, email