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MainConcept Easy Video API (EVA)

Control hardware & software codecs through a single API

Multi-Codec Support for a Multi-GPU World

The MainConcept Easy Video API (EVA) eliminates the need to choose between hardware and software. It is a set of libraries for the most common video codecs: AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AV1. MainConcept EVA combines MainConcept’s industry-leading software encoding and decoding technologies with the high performance of today’s GPU hardware processing powered by AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. Since one API is used instead of four, MainConcept EVA can reduce implementation time and costs by 75%.

The Hardware vs. Software Codec Dilemma

Want to integrate hardware-based GPU encoding or decoding into a solution? Normally this means implementing different SDKs and APIs from different vendors.

The choice between CPU or GPU encoding and decoding is complex. MainConcept EVA lets you use both!

Software or Hardware Processing?
Not a dilemma anymore!

Almost every notebook, desktop and server come with GPUs and hardware codecs from AMD, Intel or NVIDIA, even in the cloud. When quality is key, MainConcept software codecs provide better quality and an extended feature set.

Our all-in-one libraries make the decision simple by providing a single API for all vendors.


Multi-GPU vendor support

AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel, the leading GPU providers, develop codecs like AVC, HEVC and AV1 for their GPUs. Integrating different hardware SDKs for encoding and decoding, such as Intel Quick Sync Video, NVIDIA NVENC/NVDEC, and AMD AMF, can be time-consuming.

MainConcept EVA offers the flexibility of a single API along with the choice of software or hardware coding.


Save integration time

With MainConcept EVA, developers only need a single integration cycle. Working with one SDK instead of four means 75% less integration efforts. Plus, there are fewer contact points should any support issues arise. With a single API, developers gain more hardware choice and flexibility, being able to select the GPU that is right for the specific need, increasing the possible number of use-cases for their software application or service.

Expanded features and options

Developers must often choose between software and hardware video coding options. The choice for some simply comes down to whether running on the GPU or CPU, but that can be too simplistic for many use cases. CPU-based software encoders typically achieve better quality and offer a wider feature set, especially with production formats like 10-bit 4:2:2. However, for use cases targeting high processing performance, GPU codecs are the preferred choice if the required format is supported.

EVA workflow

MainConcept EVA benefits

  • Individual SDKs with a single API instead of four, saving time (up to 75%) and budget.
  • Flexibility to choose the GPU that is right for the use case, from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.
  • Consume less energy with more power efficient GPUs.
  • Extended codec features for improved quality and professional formats (including 10-bit 4:2:2) using the MainConcept software libraries. 
  • Function to detect hardware availability and codec capabilities.
  • Single point of contact for development support.
  • Same API for multi-platform Windows and Linux, for on-premise and cloud.

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