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AutoMatch Encoding

Effortlessly split and stitch content within a playlist!

Encode new video identical to your pre-recorded video library

MainConcept AutoMatch Encoding leverages the capabilities of the video encoder to analyze the original bitstream and match it as closely as possible to the next content being created. This means that decoder initialization becomes minimal or, in the case of MainConcept encoders, zero. AutoMatch lets you combine and play content from various sources by simply adding them to a playlist. The result? A smooth playback experience without any disruptions or hiccups. 

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Most content owners and broadcasters maintain a constantly growing library of assets. Being able to mix and match old and new content for playback is challenging because content encoded at different times will have different encoding requirements. Even trickier, broadcasters may no longer have the original encoder or settings, making it nearly impossible to seamlessly join the new material with the old. This could lead to disruptions in playback, causing frame drops as the decoder reinitializes when encountering new material.

This is not an issue with AutoMatch encoding!

FAST channels also benefit from AutoMatch encoding. These free streaming services repurpose an existing library of previously encoded content. This content is stitched with new advertisements that must, in order to guarantee seamless playback, exactly match the encoding configuration of the already existing library.