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Hardware Encoding


Add IQSV & NVENC for a seamless hand-off between optimized hardware and software

Hardware encoding on Intel Core Processors & NVIDIA NVENC directly through the MainConcept API

The MainConcept® AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 Encoders grant easy access to the dedicated video processing of Intel Core Processors and NVIDIA NVENC through the familiar MainConcept API, so that developers can easily add more functionality to their applications.

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Product Highlights

  • Hardware-based encoding compatible with Intel CPUs (3rd-Generation and newer) for AVC and 6th-Generation Intel CPUs for HEVC
  • Hardware-based encoding compatible with NVIDIA NVENC for AVC
  • Bitrate control (CBR, VBR, CQP)
  • Selectable profiles up to High Profile
  • Selectable levels up to Level 5.2
  • 4:2:0 8-bit sampling
  • Strict HRD restrictions compliance
  • Configurable GOP structure (I, P and B frames in different combinations)
  • Configurable motion estimation (number of reference frames)
  • Adaptive GOP structure
  • Configurable number of slices
  • Configurable RD optimization (fastest speed, best quality, balanced quality and speed)
  • Wide range of RGB and YUV input color spaces supported
  • Special input pin for the closed caption data receiving (in DirectShow Filter)

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SDKs: AVC/H.264

Hardware-based encoding

If encoding speed is key, hardware encoding is the solution to look at because it allows a larger number of parallel processing streams or significantly faster encoding time compared to pure software solutions. And with a single switch in the MainConcept API, you can go between hardware and software encoding, depending on the job’s needs and the system’s abilities.

Automated hardware detection

MainConcept’s encoders automatically find and enumerate IQSV-capable and NVIDIA NVENC-capable CPUs to provide even faster performance.

Configurable to meet any encoding need

Developers get a streamlined interface for handling otherwise complex coding tasks. The SDK uses a dispatcher layer within the API so developers can focus on the task at hand rather than the complexities of supporting hardware encoding technology.


Complete AVC/H.264 Encoder that makes use of 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors and newer for encoding. It also now includes access to NVIDIA NVENC technology through the same, familiar MainConcept API, blending the benefits of software and hardware encoding.
HEVC/H.265 Encoder SDK
The HEVC/H.265 Encoder SDK includes the Intel Quick Sync Video technology and the NVIDIA NVENC hardware encoder.