From ingest to playout, high-definition video has never looked better!

Create AVC/H.264 video in stunning broadcast quality at up to 2x faster than with open source¹

AVC/H.264 is an ideal choice for maximum compatibility with nearly any video device or service. And, MainConcept® AVC/H.264 is the best choice for superior visual quality, blazingly fast performance and reliability you can trust. MainConcept AVC/H.264 SDK delivers maximum flexibility straight out of the box, offering feature-rich options for OTT Streaming and Broadcast, robust low-latency support, and it is compliant with all broadcast profiles for professional video production.

2x faster than open source¹ and 55% faster than previous generation²

2-pass encoding & support
for UHD and HDR

GPU Acceleration


2X faster than open source & 55% faster than previous generation

The MainConcept SDK is so efficient that it meets most quality and bitrate targets with just a single pass. (Open-source codecs often require two passes to meet the same targets.) This is one of the reasons why MainConcept AVC is proven to be 2X faster than open source.1 It also sports impressive speed records, including a 55% improvement for decoding of AVC Intra video.2


2-pass encoding & support for UHD and HDR

MainConcept AVC supports 2-pass encoding to generate the highest possible quality content when superior broadcast quality is your primary goal. Our encoders also support extended resolution encoding for 4K and beyond, within the level limits of the AVC/H.264 specification.


Hardware Acceleration

Hardware-based encoding using Intel Quick Sync Video (IQSV) is available in the same API, adding further power to the AVC codec. The encoding technology built into Intel Core processors significantly accelerates video encoding, freeing the CPU from heavy video tasks. The seamless integration into the MainConcept API enables the use of both software and hardware encoding for any application.

1 According to recent encoder test data comparing MainConcept AVC against x264
2 Compared to previous version of MainConcept AVC

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Product Highlights

Pre-configured encoding profiles
Numerous ready-to-use encoding templates, including streaming formats like DASH-264, Apple HLS, HTML5 and Adobe Flash, and professional camcorders like Sony XAVC and Panasonic AVC-Ultra are included in the SDK.

Seamless hardware encoding
Hardware-based AVC/H.264 encoding is compatible with Intel CPUs (3rd Generation Intel Core Processors and newer) using the renowned MainConcept API.

Go beyond the resolution limits in AVC/H.264 and encode 360/VR spheres in virtually unlimited resolution, to transmit the best possible quality–regardless of the projection method and zoom level in the viewing device.

* Optional features

Frame-Accurate Smart Rendering*
Encoder wrapper component providing AVC/H.264 Smart Rendering functionality for frame-accurate editing, cutting, and smart copy.

Stream-analyzing API*
VESA API support in AVC/H.264 Decoder allows in-depth analysis of stream parameters, such as buffer, picture, slice, macroblock levels, and many more.


AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK
AVC Video Encoder package supporting up to 4:2:0 8-bit, up to level 5.2 (4K60). Includes related audio and multiplexing components for formats that use MPEG-Transport Stream like Blu Ray, or MP4/MOV.
AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK Broadcast
AVC Video Encoder package with support for up to 4:2:2 10-bit (plus 4:2:0 8-bit), up to level 6.2 (8K). Includes audio and multiplexing components for formats such as MPEG-2 Transport Stream, MP4/MOV, and MXF formats like P2 and XAVC.
Encoder Addons
SVR360 for AVC/H.264 Encoder Broadcast Allows encoding in virtually unlimited resolution, specifically designed to meet the needs of 360/VR applications.
AVC/H.264 Smart Rendering

Available for AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK and AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK Broadcast. Provides functionality for frame-accurate editing, cutting, and smart copy to speed up conversion of AVC source content. 
Intel Quick Sync Video (IQSV) for AVC/H.264 Encoder SDK

Enables accelerated video encoding with significantly reduced CPU usage.


AVC/H.264 Decoder SDK
AVC Video Decoder package that supports up to 4:2:0 8-bit video up to level 5.2 (4K60), and audio and demultiplexing components for formats that use MPEG-TS or MP4/MOV.
AVC/H.264 Decoder SDK Broadcast
AVC Video Decoder package that supports up to 4:4:4 12-bit video and unlimited resolution, with audio and demultiplexing components for formats that use MPEG-2 Transport Stream, MP4/MOV, and MXF like XAVC, P2 and more.