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Secure browser-based streaming delivers mission-critical video via the bandwidth friendly HEVC codec

The ideal solution for browser-based workflows that require HEVC/H.265 preview, playback, editing or monitoring

The MainConcept® WebASM HEVC Decoder SDK provides mission-critical delivery of reliable, high-quality video with minimal bandwidth impact. HTML5 does not support HEVC, limiting viewing options on a web browser. WebAssembly (a.k.a. WASM or WebASM) solves this by using Javascript (JS) to develop secure, self-contained applications that run in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.

WebASM is perfectly suited for numerous use cases across surveillance, streaming, gaming, medical and education. It can be used to view live streams from security cameras, police & military bodycams, fleet management devices and much more. With the MainConcept HEVC Decoder, you can build powerful applications with optimized performance for multi-threaded H.265 video decoding on any device with an Internet browser supporting WebASM.
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Product Highlights

  • Decoding in up to 8K resolution
  • Supports an expansive set of decoding profiles including 4:2:0 (8-bit - 12-bit), 4:2:2 (8-bit - 10-bit) and 4:4:4 (10-bit - 12-bit), all natively progressive or interlaced
  • Signaling SMPTE 2084 based HDR-10 including SMPTE 2086 mastering display metadata
  • Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) transfer characteristics are signaled in accordance with ITU-R BT.2100-1
  • Multi-threading modes for realtime playback of high resolutions, and parallel decoding of multiple HEVC/H.265 streams
  • Binary format eliminates the need for specialized hardware or software

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Broad browser and device support

WebAssembly is supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari, which combined account for over 90% of browser-based web traffic. This plus compatibility across devices (i.e., smartphones, PCs, smart TVs) and operating systems means apps using the MainConcept WebASM HEVC Decoder can run natively virtually anywhere.

Secure viewing of videos anywhere

Organizations routinely limit the installation of browser plugins, making it overly burdensome to view non-native content in the best quality possible. With the WebASM decoder, securely enjoy high quality, low bandwidth video, even on devices that are locked down.


Industry leading HEVC decoder

MainConcept specializes in optimizing the technologies relied upon by mission critical organizations around the world. The MainConcept HEVC decoder offers bandwidth-friendly quality with unmatched performance and features. This means efficient low bitrate streaming and decoding without sacrificing quality.



WebASM HEVC/H.265 Decoder SDK
Complete decoder solution for browser-based workflows that require HEVC/H.265 preview, playback, editing or monitoring.