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The standard for broadcast media interchange, storage and asset management

Reliable, field-tested and proven format compliance

Throughout all broadcast facilities, the Material Exchange Format (MXF) is the de facto standard for media storage and management. Developed with the requirements of broadcasters in mind, evolved over decades and implemented into multiple applications, MXF files are industry workhorses. The MainConcept MXF SDK has been part of the MainConcept portfolio for many years. Whether it is being used for DVCPRO or XDCAM formats, Sony XAVC or Panasonic AVC Ultra, MainConcept generated MXF files provide reliability and format compliance for time- and business-critical media interchange.
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Product Highlights

Emerging formats
The SDK supports the latest applications of MXF, like RDD-45 (ProRes) or Canon XF-HEVC in addition to established formats like XAVC and Panasonic AVC Ultra.

Editing while the media is still being recorded is crucial to delivering news quickly. For a selection of formats, MainConcept’s MXF SDK allows reading and editing while material is still growing, whether the recording is not yet finished or because of network file transfers. Work with the portion of media that’s available now, without delays.

Interchange applications
Broadcast Playout systems standardize on MXF applications to ensure seamless media switching and robust, fail-safe delivery of sound and pictures. MainConcept MXF SDK supports AS-11 (DPP UK Shim) to deliver pristine-quality 4:2:2 video and PCM audio to the playout device.


Proven technology, defined anew 

MainConcept has supported professional camera manufacturers for more than a decade and has taken part in the evolution of MXF from the early days of DVCPRO, over the still omnipresent MPEG-2 based XDCAM Formats, XAVC and AVC Ultra to today’s latest applications like AS-11 (DPP), XF-HEVC and RDD-45 ProRes. Strict format verification assures maximum interoperability with any device, any time. 


Multiplexing and demultiplexing components for any MXF format.