The All-in-One AVC/HEVC Encoding Solution for Adaptive Format Streaming.

MainConcept Live Encoder (formerly NeuLion MC Encoder) is a powerful, production-ready encoding platform that makes real-time content packaging easier than ever. With the ability to input SDI and IP sources, MainConcept Live Encoder facilitates the creation of Apple HLS, DASH-264, and DASH-265 compliant content in up to 8K resolution, in a variety of HDR flavors (HDR-10, HLG).

In real-time you can encode content into multi-bitrate and multi-resolution layers, for a complete OTT ready output that includes playlist generation. The powerful solution also offers a variety of prepared encoding presets for simplified parallel live encoding, upload to supported CDNs, and live archiving.

MainConcept Live Encoder is available in both Windows and Linux, as a web-application or easily integrated using REST-API.

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Hardware Acceleration for HEVC and AVC Codecs

Parallel live HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 encoding on a single, cost-efficient desktop CPU. Uses Intel GPU technology for enhanced performance with Intel Core™ and Xeon E3 processors with a dedicated graphics unit. With MainConcept HEVC Hybrid GPU acceleration built in, get the best of both hardware and software encoding. Using dedicated NVIDIA RTX boards, get up to 2.5X better performance while providing a similar quality to the MainConcept software encoder.


Live Adaptive Bitrate Encoding to DASH & HLS

Live encoding to Apple HLS (both AVC and HEVC), DASH-264 (8-bit) and DASH-265 (8-bit/10-bit) in up to 8K resolution. Includes packaging as well as manifest and hybrid playlist generation. HLS creation is fully compliant with the latest updates to iOS and macOS, directly from Apple for enhanced resolution at lower bitrates. Encoding different quality layers and resolutions can be packaged in parallel for both DASH and HLS in a single job.


Common Input & Output Options

Support for SDI and IP network streams input via UDP (MPEG-2/H.264 in TS), authenticated RTSP, RTMP and HTTP. Encoding to IP streams using RTMP (in MP4), RTP, HTTP and UDP (in TS) for OTT delivery. Live streams can also be saved in AVC and HEVC as MP4 files for archiving.


Flexible Deployment via Web Application & REST API

The intuitive web-based interface offers easy configuration and management of MainConcept Live Encoder, with full access to all available presets and output formats. The XML-based public REST API provides quick and simple integration into existing workflow systems for external control.

Licensable Products

MainConcept Live Encoder AVC/H.264 Complete live encoding solution for AVC/H.264, including Apple HLS and DASH-264 up to 1080p30 for Windows or Linux.
MainConcept Live Encoder AVC/HEVC HD Complete live encoding solution for both Apple HLS, H.264 and H.265, incl. DASH-264 and DASH-265 up to 1080p30 for Windows and Linux.
MainConcept Live Encoder AVC/HEVC 4K Complete live encoding solution for both Apple HLS, H.264 and H.265, incl. DASH-264, DASH-265 up to 4K60 10-bit for Windows and Linux.
MainConcept Live Encoder HEVC 8K Complete live encoding solution for both Apple HLS H.265 and DASH-265, in up to 8K60 10-bit resolution for Windows and Linux.

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