Evaluation Support

During evaluation of MainConcept SDKs each customer receives 60 days email-access to the MainConcept Customer Care team, free of charge. This free support period begins with the download of any of our Demo SDKs from the MainConcept Customer Portal.

Integration Support

Should additional assistance be required after the free 60-day period customers may optionally purchase extended access to the MainConcept Customer Care team. Evaluation Support and Integration Support are limited to assisting our customers to integrate the components into their applications only.

Special offer: Members of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) receive 3 months free Integration Support.

Licensee Support

After signing a license agreement MainConcept Customer Care experts remain available to the customer to ensure a smooth launch of the products developed using MainConcept SDKs. A free 3-month period is included upon starting the license period.

Maintenance & Support

For continuous product updates with improvements and bug fixes MainConcept customers may optionally purchase annual support contracts. Valid for one year they ensure that MainConcept customers receive the latest SDK versions (sub-decimal level updates) and continuous access to our Customer Care team.

Support for end-of-life products

SDK products that reached end-of-life status will no longer be improved or updated. Issues and requests reported for such components will be handled at low priority or may even be disclaimed.

The Customer Care team provides technical integration support only for end-of-life products.

Reasons for end-of-life products:

1) A component reaches its predefined goal by MainConcept.

2) Components can become less relevant in the market which causes MainConcept to shift the strategic focus to other SDK products.

Currently the list of end-of-life products includes the following SDKs:

Video SDKs Acceleration SDKs
DV25 CUDA H.264
DVCPRO 25/50/HD OpenCL H.264
Motion JPEG
MPEG-4 Part2 / H.263
JPEG-2000 Encoding

Product Updates

MainConcept SDK Updates are handled through the MainConcept Customer Portal. Access to the Portal requires an active evaluation NDA or a signed license agreement. In order to receive access please contact your local sales representative or request your SDK evaluation today.