Apple ProRes is a well-established intermediate format used throughout the broadcast industry. Its high-resolution capabilities and wide chroma sampling support have made it the codec of choice of many facilities worldwide. Apple ProRes is natively supported on macOS computers and used to be available on Windows PCs via QuickTime.

Now, Apple ProRes has been converted from a generic Apple format to an SMPTE approved document (RDD-36) and MainConcept is introducing a Decoder SDK which allows adding this exciting format natively to any application.

While Apple ProRes Video will typically be wrapped into a QuickTime (MOV) container, another recent SMPTE document (RDD-44) allows embedding ProRes into MXF. The MainConcept Decoder SDK for Apple ProRes supports both file formats as well as Elementary Streams for a seamless integration and widest possible support of all flavors of ProRes. For HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, the MainConcept Decoder for Apple ProRes fills dedicated HDR-10, HLG and PQ-10 data structures. In addition, the decoder offers several HDR processing algorithms that allow real-time PQ / HDR-10 to HLG, HLG to PQ / HDR-10 and PQ / HDR-10 to SDR conversion*.

Like all of the MainConcept SDKs, the Decoder SDK for Apple ProRes is available on Windows, macOS and Linux to enable efficient Apple ProRes workflows on premise and in the cloud.

* HDR conversion is an optional feature.

Optimized at full precision

Fully satisfies the precision requirements outlined in the official SMPTE specifications. It is multi-threaded and optimized; delivering amazing speed on any operating system. The new asynchronous I/O mode can increase speed or reduce latency when output picture processing takes a long time.

MOV and MXF container

Supporting MOV and MP4 formats as well as RDD-44 compliant MXF files used in IMF-based workflows.

Accelerated proxy decoding

Optionally the decoder can be tuned to use a less strict decoding algorithm with increased performance for proxy playback or low resolution preview.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Processing & Conversion*

Signaling SMPTE 2084 based HDR-10 including SMPTE 2086 mastering display metadata and MaxFALL, MaxCLL. HLG transfer characteristics are signaled in accordance with ITU-R BT.2100-1. The decoder also offers several algorithms that enable real-time PQ / HDR-10 to HLG, HLG to PQ / HDR-10 and PQ / HDR-10 to SDR conversion.

* Optional features

Licensable Products

Decoder SDK for Apple ProRes The Decoder for Apple ProRes and accompanying demultiplexing components to enable ingest of ProRes-encoded material from MOV or MXF (RDD-44) containers.
HDR Conversion for the Decoder for Apple ProRes Add-on feature enabling PQ / HDR-10 to HLG, HLG to PQ / HDR-10 and PQ / HDR-10 to SDR conversion.

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