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Wowza & MainConcept

Learn how our codecs help power Wowza Streaming Engine
  • SDKs Used by Wowza
  • Markets
  • Use Cases

●  Sports Entertainment
●  Digital Media Publishers
●  Broadcasters

●  Live Event Streamers 
●  Faith-Based Organizations
●  Surveillance, Security, and DOTs

●  Live Event Streaming
●  Virtual Corporate Events 
●  Closed-circuity Surveillance 

●  Traffic Monitoring 
●  Real-time interactive streaming 
●  Healthcare monitoring 

Wowza, founded in 2007, empowers businesses to unlock the value of video through an integrated video platform and on-premises streaming server software, supporting everything from quick starts to advanced applications, driving innovation and scalable video solutions across industries.

Wowza first deployed MainConcept codecs in their solutions more than 10 years ago. Over this time the companies have engaged in countless technical projects to enhance performance and feature sets. These engagements don’t just enable Wowza to develop best-in-class offerings, they also give the MainConcept team an intimate understanding of real-time industry needs.


Why Did Wowza Select MainConcept as a Partner?

As a worldwide leader in live and VOD streaming, Wowza utilizes codecs to encode and transcode live video streams for delivery across a wide content delivery network. These codecs are, therefore, an essential part of their streaming workflow, making choosing the right codec supplier paramount.

When Wowza approached MainConcept to be their video codec supplier, MainConcept had already been in the market for over 15 years and earned a stellar reputation for quality and performance. This reputation combined with comprehensive codec offerings, including both video and a wide range of audio codecs, and fair pricing initially drew Wowza in, but it was their reliability, consistent quality, and stellar support that kept Wowza around.

How are MainConcept Products Used in Wowza Streaming Engine?

Wowza uses MainConcept codecs to encode or transcode to and from h264 and its successor h265 in their Wowza Streaming Engine (on-prem) solution. These codecs facilitate streaming across popular streaming protocols like HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH).

The combination of MainConcept codecs with Wowza’s broader streaming infrastructure provides customers with highly reliable, efficient, and adaptable live video streaming.

“Wowza is proud to continue our long-standing partnership with MainConcept. Together we deliver the highest possible quality video streaming services to broadcasters, media publishers, and other businesses worldwide.”