MainConcept Hybrid GPU Encoder

MainConcept Hybrid HEVC Encoder bridges the gap between high-quality software and fast-performing hardware encoding by using the best of both worlds. Combining MainConcept’s market-proven algorithms for rate control and quality encoding with the processing power of NVIDIA's RTX architecture, MainConcept Hybrid HEVC Encoder guarantees best-in-class image quality (including 8K) at tremendous speed while sticking to bitrate requirements.  

Hybrid GPU accelerated encoding delivers up to 2.5x faster processing, allowing more live channels per server with less demand for CPU resources when encoding, reducing hardware expenditures. NVIDIA NVENC hardware-based HEVC video encoding is seamlessly integrated into the MainConcept HEVC Encoder SDK with a simple API option. This enables HEVC encoding with a small CPU footprint while improving processing speed or increasing the number of live channels per server. MainConcept HEVC Encoder SDK with NVIDIA NVENC is also supported in select cloud compute platforms. 

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Read our latest technical whitepaper and find out how MainConcept's Hybrid HEVC GPU Encoder can increase conversion time 2.5x for VOD and decrease bandwidth up to 30% for live processing saving you lots of time and money in your production facility.

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