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Digital Signage Client SDK The Digital Signage Client SDK provides all functionality required for receiving and displaying audiovisual content. It offers network components to receive media streams, as well as Audio and Video decoders to decode and display the data. The SDK is available for PC, Mac and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms.
Digital Signage Video Production SDK The Digital Signage Video Production SDK provides universal ingest support, so media from various sources and files can be ingested and edited natively inside the Digital Signage applications. It also provides high quality encoding to create standardized AVC/H.264 media ready for delivery including HTML5 compatible video. For large screens and video walls HEVC/H.265 allows for more efficient streaming, lower storage space and higher resolutions up to 8K.
Digital Signage Server SDK With the Digital Signage Server SDK media is streamed directly from file or IP sources to Digital Signage display devices using RTP/RTSP and RTMP protocols. The network server component supports broadcasting to several screens as well as direct-to-screen streaming.

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