MainConcept Network Streaming SDKs include technology for clients and servers requiring transmission of media data over a network. The Network Renderer is the server component that is used for media data streaming supporting RTSP, RTCP, RTMP, SDP, UDP, TCP and RTP (announce sending) protocols. The Network Source is the client component with support for three protocols: HTTP 1.1, RTP (connecting to broadcast servers) and RTSP (video on demand). It offers multicast as well as unicast communication for message delivery. The client component can receive video and audio in various formats such as H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, MPEG-1/2, AAC, MPEG Audio, and many others.

The DLNA Package support features for UPnP and DLNA, resp. It includes a DLNA Media Server, DLNA Control Point as well as a DLNA Media Renderer. It is compliant with Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox360, many TV sets and Blu-ray players, etc.

Key Features


Low latency

Adjustable buffering for low latency streaming


Complete protocol support

Single API for all supported protocols for fast integration


IGMPv3 with source-specific multicast

Supporting latest specification to reduce network traffic and improve security


Monitoring and Buffer Statistics

Network components provide comprehensive realtime information about delay, buffer levels and network jitter.

MainConcept Network Streaming SDKs Data Sheet

Detailed information and feature set overview of the available packages and their included components.

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Licenseable products

Network Server SDK Network server components w/o RTSP server sample source code and w/o RTMP/Flash support.
Network Server SDK Broadcast Network server components with RTSP server sample source code and with RTMP/Flash support.
Network Client SDK Network client components w/o RTMP, DASH, HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming support.
Network Client SDK Broadcast Network client components with RTMP, DASH, HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming support.

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