The MainConceptⓇ 2GO product line consists of optimized microservice modules in containers that enhance your workflow with codec, conversion and streaming features built on top of MainConcept’s leading broadcast technology.

The ready-to-use MC2GO products are the perfect fit for optimized broadcast workflow or OTT service with fast integration and flexible deployment on your servers or in the cloud. Bundled in an isolated container each 2GO product is unique, easy to deploy, scale and ready-to-use in any process. Each module is a final product that is controlled via new REST API, command line or standard container management tools without programming skills required.


Available Products


MC2GO HEVC File Transcoder File-based transcoding of media files into HEVC/H.265 8-bit and 10-bit streams up to 8K resolution, incl. PQ, HDR-10 and HLG High Dynamic Range signalling.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO P2 AVC Ultra Transcoder File-based transcoding into Panasonic P2 AVC Ultra camera formats.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO Proxy File Generator File-based conversion of professional Sony and Panasonic camera files into proxy AVC / AAC in MP4.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO XAVC Transcoder File-based transcoding into Sony XAVC camera formats.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO XDCAM Transcoder File-based transcoding into Sony XDCAM camera formats.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO XF-HEVC Converter File-based conversion of Canon XF-HEVC into AVC / PCM in MXF.   Info   Demo   Buy


MC2GO AAC Audio Converter File-based AAC-LC and AAC-HE content creation.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO Dolby Audio Converter File-based AC-3 and E-AC-3 content creation.   Info   Demo   Buy


MC2GO OTT Live Encoder IP-based live encoding to Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO OTT File Transcoder DASH File-based OTT transcoding to DASH-264 & DASH-265.   Info   Demo   Buy
MC2GO OTT File Transcoder HLS File-based OTT transcoding to Apple HLS AVC & HLS HEVC.   Info   Demo   Buy


MC2GO Sony PS4 Converter File-based Sony PS4 compliant content creation.   Info   Demo   Buy



Fits any software service

MainConcept 2GO is codecs and streaming, pre-packaged as single optimized containerized applications for fast and flexible deployment to any workflow.


Ready-to-deploy, scalable & cloud-ready

Download the MainConcept 2GO container to your local server or directly into the cloud VM. Launch as many instances as you need and scale them down again if project allows.


Local & remote media access

Use local folders as well as Amazon S3 and FTP shares as remote input and output storage. Additionally, ingest files from HTTP locations.


Single feature modules

MainConcept 2GO products can be used as a lightweight standalone module or if required, connect with other modules to build a service chain that fulfills the requirements of a larger workflow.


Runtime in safe container

MainConcept 2GO products run in virtualized containers encapsulated from the host computer or virtual machine which makes the runtime behavior safe from your own environment.


Self-contained product

A MainConcept 2GO product is a final, ready-to-use product that is controlled via command line, REST API or container management tools without programming skills required.

Tech Specs

A MainConcept 2GO product is delivered as a download package. The package contains the actual MainConcept 2GO container binary as well as links to the online documentation, installation instructions, usage scripts and integration guidelines.

Before running the container it must be installed in the Docker(R) environment either locally or in farms using other container management tools like Swarm or Kubernetes. Example scripts show how to install, start and stop the container using various tools and with different parameters.

Once started, the MainConcept 2GO instance is active and ready to use. The interface for data transfers in and out depends on the type of 2GO product. For live streaming use cases MainConcept 2GO allows a direct IP network connection in and out of the container. For file-based use cases a folder on the host is mapped into the container and used for input and output.

MainConcept 2GO containers are best suited for large deployments in local or virtual server farms, including cloud platforms.

System Requirements

Please note that on Windows you must configure Docker for Linux Containers, so you should use the CE (Community Edition) rather than EE (Enterprise Edition) version of Docker. Docker CE requires a full GUI to install, so for this reason, Windows Server 2016 users must have the full ‘desktop experience’ installed. The lighter-weight versions of Windows Server 2016 cannot be used because they do not have a full GUI. Other versions of Windows only have a full GUI. Due to some limitations in VirtualBox, MainConcept 2GO does not work if you are running the VM tool with Windows Server 2016.