The introduction of the ARM-based Apple M1 chipset for the new MacBooks and Mac mini, as well as ARM processors already in production within the Windows PC ecosystem, brings us to an inflection point within the video production industry.

The average consumer may not know the difference between an ARM-based Mac or PC and the x86 version. They will, however, know when software doesn’t work on their new hardware. At MainConcept, we are making the transition seamless by bringing our best-in-class video codecs to macOS and Windows on ARM-processors.

When it comes to encode and decode, the ARM Desktop SDK is optimized for up to 2X faster performance when compared to an unoptimized version.


Key Features:

  • Seamless transition to ARM, providing the same API and minimal porting
  • Expanded functionality and feature set compared to hardware codecs
  • Professional camcorder support for Sony, Panasonic, and Canon

Available today and comes with a free evaluation. Try one or all of the available components:

  • Converter & Scaler (learn more)
  • SCTE-35 Extractor and Producer (learn more
  • Network Source, Renderer and Related Utilities
  • OTT Content Creation (HLS Playlist Generator & MPD Generator and Combiner)