xHE-AAC Encoder
Content Creation Test Service

Test xHE-AAC audio with the MainConcept Encoder plugin for FFmpeg.

To hear how your content will sound with xHE-AAC audio, simply upload a wav file that is up to one minute long. The tester will encode it and output two files: the xHE-AAC bitstream and the decoded wav.

Encoding is accomplished in two passes. The first measures the content loudness and calculates dynamic range control gains, the second performs the encoding. The FFmpeg command lines used for each pass are available for review.

*Decoding options based on target device:

General Purpose: Rendered to -24 LUFS target loudness (average). Application of mild, general purpose dynamic range compression. Suitable for playback over built-in TV speakers, for example.

Home Cinema: Rendered to -31 LUFS target loudness (soft). No dynamics processing: Maximum dynamic range for playback over high end audio systems.

Mobile Device: Rendered to -16 LUFS target loudness (high). Higher playback level at the cost of stronger dynamic range compression. Suitable for playback over speakers with limited SPL range, such as mobile phones.

xHE-AAC is the latest generation of the AAC codec family from Fraunhofer, improving upon prior AAC versions with:

  • Enhanced quality at low bitrates, particularly on spoken content

  • Seamless switching over a 12–500 kb/s bitrate range for adaptive streaming delivery

  • Mandatory loudness and dynamic range control support

xHE-AAC decoding is available in Android and iOS, with support for other platforms in development.


"xHE-AAC™" is a registered trademark of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. in Germany and other countries.

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