In video production, 8K is a modern reality and widely accessible. Delivery in 8K, however, has yet to catch up. What strategies can you use today to encode 8K video faster and more efficiently, and are there steps you should be taking to prepare for the future?


Hear from the experts at Samsung, 8K Association, and MainConcept:

Host: Geoff Gordon
VP Marketing,

Nick Ryan
Head of Product Marketing, MainConcept

Thomas Kramer
VP Product Management, MainConcept

Des Carey
Head of Cinematic Innovation, Samsung

Chris Chinnock
Executive Director,
8K Association

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Industry adoption of 8K, and new technologies that widen usage
  • HEVC software encoding to improve 8K video production, archival, broadcast, and playback efficiency
  • Hybrid software & hardware encoding modes to boost performance without compromising compression quality
  • The difference between true 8K and advanced upscaling techniques
  • Future-proofing for 8K, and the importance of codec compatibility