SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers) VC-1 has been adopted as a mandatory video format for Blu-ray®. The MainConcept VC-1 Codec Package offers fast encoding and decoding speeds in the Simple, Main as well as Advanced Profiles and all levels supported by the standard. The corresponding VC-1 Decoder is a software-only decoding solution for SMPTE 421M-2006 (VC-1) video streams. The filter can process VC-1 video streams produced by the MainConcept MPEG Demultiplexer or any other compliant filter, such as the Microsoft® ASF Reader.

Media Compliant Profiles

Fully compliant MainConcept VC-1 Encoder & Decoder with SMPTE 421M-2006 specification, incl. ready-to-use presets for VC-1 based Blu-ray Disc streams, Windows Media and Microsoft Silverlight.

Hardware Accelerated Decoding

DXVA 1.0 / 2.0 based VC-1 video decoding for improved performance on lower powered systems up to full HD on Windows platforms.

Film Grain Optimization

Optimal retention of Film-grain in the VC-1 Encoder for full HD Blu-ray Disc content creation to preserve cinematic look-and-feel.

Licensable Products

VC-1 Encoder SDK Complete VC-1 Encoder with Windows Media & Blu-ray Disc support
VC-1 Decoder SDK Complete VC-1 Decoder with Windows Media & Blu-ray Disc support

Demo SDK Request

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