Apple ProRes is a well-established intermediate format used throughout the broadcast industry. Its high-resolution capabilities and wide chroma sampling support have made it the codec of choice of many facilities worldwide. ProRes is natively supported on Apple computers and used to be available on Windows PCs via QuickTime.

The MainConcept Decoder Pack ProRes for Windows® 64-bit platforms provides DirectShow filters for playing back Apple ProRes content embedded in QuickTime (MOV) as well as MXF (RDD-44) containers in the Windows Media Player or any DirectShow supporting application. In addition, the package allows Elementary Streams decoding for seamless integration and widest possible support of all flavors of Apple ProRes. The MainConcept Decoder Pack ProRes comes with the full set of audio decoders and demuxers for easy deployment.


  • Fully satisfies the precision requirements outlined in the official SMPTE specifications
  • Multi-threaded and optimized delivering amazing speed
  • Supporting MOV and MP4 formats as well as RDD-44 compliant MXF files used in IMF-based workflows
  • Accelerated proxy decoding

Included Components

  • ProRes Video Decoder Filter
  • MPEG Audio Decoder Filter
  • MXF Demultiplexer Filter
  • MP4 Demultiplexer Filter
  • Audio Converter Filter

Stream Type

  • Elementary Streams
  • MOV
  • MXF

Tech Specs

Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, 64-bit

Please Note: To play Apple ProRes streams in the Windows Media Player, you must explicitly use the 64-bit Windows Media Player (C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe). Per default, Windows will only open the 32-bit version of the Media Player from “Program Files (x86)”, which cannot use 64-bit DirectShow filters.


Try before you buy!

The demo version of Decoder Pack ProRes is full functional. It only adds a watermark to the video during playback and has an audio limitation of 30 seconds.

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