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  • Software-only MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2) and MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-2) stream decoding.
  • High Profile @ High Level decoding – supports all MPEG-2 profiles/levels, excluding scalability extensions.
  • Full-resolution, full-quality decoding/playback (high precision arithmetic, IEEE 1180-1190 compliant IDCT, half-pel motion compensation).
  • Optimized for Hyper-Threading Technology, dual core and SMP systems.
  • Optimized for the most efficient CPU usage – takes advantage of MMX™, SSE™, SSE2™, and 3DNow® extensions when available.
  • Software deinterlacing.
  • High definition video decoding.
  • Optional double precision IDCT.
  • ATSC Streams Decoding – supports 18 ATSC formats.
  • High performance – supports real-time high resolution video decoding (720x480 @ 30fps for NTSC, 720x576 @ 25fps for PAL and bit rate up to 15 Mbps) on Pentium II 500 MHz with a DirectX compatible video card that supports YUV overlay.
  • DXVA 1.0 and 2.0 Hardware Acceleration support.
  • Visual quality improving (HQ Upsample).
  • Closed Captions decoding.


  • MPEG Layer-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-3)
  • MPEG Layer-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-3)
  • PCM and LPCM Audio (e.g. AES3 382 and AES3 311)

Included Components

  • MPEG-1/2 Video Decoder Filter
  • MPEG Audio Decoder Filter
  • MPEG Demultiplexer Filter
  • MXF Demultiplexer Filter
  • MP4 Demultiplexer Filter
  • MPEG Push Demultiplexer Filter
  • Network Source Filter

Stream Type

  • MPEG-2 Elementary Streams
  • MPEG-2 PS/TS
  • MP4
  • MXF

Tech Specs

Microsoft® Windows® 7, XP, Vista, 32-bit and Windows Vista, Windows 7 64-bit
(We recommend to install always the current Service Pack for the used operating system) // Microsoft® DirectX 9.0® is required.

Update Download

If you own a valid serial number for the MainConcept Decoder Packs, please download the full version below. During installation you have to enter your personal serial number, in order to unlock the Decoder Pack. Now you can play back your favorite multimedia streams in MainConcept ShowCase, the Windows Media Player and other software media players supporting DirectShow.

Full Version Download:
MainConcept Decoder Pack MPEG-2 (32-bit) v8.8.0
MainConcept Decoder Pack MPEG-2 (64-bit) v8.8.0

Please note that the MainConcept Decoder Packs 32-bit only work with ShowCase 32-bit. So the 64-bit versions of the MainConcept Decoder Packs can only be used with ShowCase 64-bit under Windows Vista or Windows 7.


If you like to evaluate the decoder filters, we recommend downloading our MainConcept ShowCase software player as 32-bit and 64-bit version. This application includes all decoders we offer as MainConcept Decoder Packs as demo versions. It only adds a watermark to the video during playback and has an audio limitation of 30 seconds for some audio decoders.

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