Key Features


Support for all Popular DivX Profiles

The Encoder offers the popular DivX profiles, such as DivX Plus HD, DivX Plus Streaming as well as the QMobile, Mobile, Home Theater, 720p High Definition and 1080p High Definition DivX Certification Profiles.


Compliant with more than a Billion Devices Worldwide

Content created with the DivX SDK plays back on all DivX certified devices ranging from mobile devices, DVD / Blu-ray players, TV sets, etc. Playback on regular home PCs and Macs is supported in common software like the free DivX Player, VLC and can be enabled in your solution by licensing the MainConcept DivX Decoder SDK.


Professional Encoder Settings

Both the DivX and DivX Plus Encoder offer a large number of advanced settings for optimizing the video content, incl. 2-pass encoding option for best quality output use-cases.

MainConcept DivX Plus SDK Data Sheet

Detailed information and feature set overview of the available packages and their included components.

Download Data Sheet

Licensable Products

DivX Encoder SDK Complete DivX Encoder to create DivX ASP and DivX Plus compliant streams
DivX Decoder SDK Complete DivX Decoder to play back DivX ASP and DivX Plus compliant streams


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