MainConcept SDKs include the largest library of multimedia components used for video and audio encoding, decoding, muxing, demuxing, transcoding, and streaming. Thanks to a common API architecture, MainConcept enables fast and efficient implementation of additional codecs and formats, making it easy for your technology to grow and scale. MainConcept SDKs are designed to serve broadcasters, post-production facilities, camera manufacturers, medical and surveillance equipment manufacturers, and other businesses requiring top-tier codec support.

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Transcoding Applications for Live and VOD

MainConcept applications provide an easy and flexible way to set up professional video workflows without leveraging SDKs. All MainConcept applications have our core codec technology built-in, ensuring you get the best quality and performance possible when encoding, decoding, or streaming. MainConcept Live Encoder is an ideal solution for OTT live encoding, powering hundreds of sports events and channels everyday with support for up to HEVC 8K60. TotalCode Studio offers fast, efficient file-based transcoding and is used around the world for its convenient access to legendary MainConcept codecs. With an intuitive web-interface and ready-to-use presets, TotalCode Studio makes file-based transcoding simpler than ever before.


MainConcept plugins bring advanced codec functionality to a host of popular third-party applications. It's now possible to easily integrate MainConcept technology with your favorite workflow applications:

MainConcept 2GO

MainConceptⓇ 2GO offers all the benefits of MainConcept technology in optimized microservice modules. The plug-and-play containers make it possible to enhance your codec, conversion, and streaming workflows by adding individual components. The ready-to-use modules are perfect for broadcast and OTT workflows, featuring fast integration and flexible deployment on your servers or in the cloud.

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