Come meet us at NAB 2018

Meet with the MainConcept team to hear about what's coming next in codec development, and learn more about our latest SDK technologies and other solutions for UHD encoding and streaming in different HDR flavors, such as the new HEVC SDK, Transcoding SDK, ProRes Decoder SDK, and the 4K60p live NeuLion MC Encoder update for generating HLS content as AVC in Transport Stream and HEVC in fMP4 (fragmented MP4) including hybrid HLS playlists compliant with the latest Apple specifications.

  • New MainConcept Product Line - Get an introduction of our brand-new collection of standalone executable service modules for easy integration and usage powered by MainConcept’s renowned Codec technology. They will solve typical workflow tasks like ingest, transform, streaming and transcoding. Every production-ready unit is targeted for a single use case with possible combination for larger tasks.

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