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MainConceptⓇ 2GO was announced as Best New Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology winner in the 2019 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. The first official awards recognize innovative new products and technologies showcased by Exhibitors at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV.

NAB Show Product of the Year Award Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts in 16 categories and announced at an awards ceremony and cocktail reception at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort on April 10.

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See the MainConcept NAB 2019 introduction video to learn about the company history and product highlights with workflow examples that show how MainConcept SDKs can fit your product, solution or service.

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NAB Demo: Low Latency Technology Comparison

At NAB 2019, MainConcept showed an exciting side-by-side comparison of various low-latency technologies. On our booth we compared CMAF and ultra low-latency WebRTC with the common OTT MPEG-DASH format, encoding and sending the data from our headquarters in Germany to the show floor in Las Vegas with less than 2s latency glass-to-glass.

There was a live screen capture displaying the current time in Aachen, Germany, and the content was transcoded on the same system. The resulting stream was delivered to the MainConcept booth at NAB in Las Vegas via WebRTC over the public internet. On the receiving PC, this stream was transcoded and packaged live into CMAF, MPEG-DASH and WebRTC using one of the award-winning MainConceptⓇ 2GO microservice modules. The resulting formats were played back in the browser on the same system using the renowned THEOplayer showing the different latencies of these technologies.


As expected, MPEG-DASH showed the highest latency and is not suitable for any live or near-live experiences. CMAF showed extremely good results and already hints that it is capable of low-latency streaming. However, in the end ultra low-latency WebRTC beat them all and it is only a matter of time until it finds its way into OTT streaming workflows.

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Why MainConcept?

MainConcept SDKs are the premier solution for software developers who require codec support in their own application, service or local and cloud environment while leveraging MainConcept’s renowned codec technology.

Why should your company choose MainConcept? Quite simply, MainConcept codec solutions are engineered to deliver stunning audio and video quality, are most compatible with the broadest range of hardware devices and software applications, and offer exceedingly easy and flexible integration options. MainConcept… nearly every mainstream codec and platform.

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Product Highlights at the Show

MainConcept is the global leader in professional-grade video technology, servicing the industry since 1993. As the technology of choice for the most valued brands, MainConcept supports robust video workflows for Adobe, Sony, AutoDesk, Microsoft, Harmonic, Wowza and many others. Have a look at the latest MainConcept flyers we distributed on our booth at NAB and get an idea why these exciting brands selected MainConcept as their codec provider:

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Download the datasheets for the latest information about our complete product portfolio. The technology includes state-of-the-art Codec and Streaming SDKs delivering the highest quality, best performing audio and video, backed by a team of experienced engineers. Through a single interface, we support the largest codec library with simple and agile integration capabilities with premier technical support.

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