MainConcept 2GO solves your workflow challenges

Today’s production workflows are heterogeneous deployments, i.e. running on local server farms, or in the cloud, or as hybrid solutions. No standard software fits all possible requirements for data transfer, platform integration, scalability, user interface or codec and streaming features. Thus creating an optimized broadcast workflow is a challenge. MainConcept 2GO products are the building blocks with the perfect balance between flexible usage and fast integration in your work environment or service. Bundled in an isolated container each 2GO product is unique, easy to deploy, scale and ready-to-use in any process. Whether you are looking for a live streaming feature, an archiving module, a distributed transcoder, or an on-demand packaging and distribution add-on. The usage scenarios for MainConcept 2GO are endless. And it’s as easy as download, install and use.


Use Cases

MainConcept 2GO are optimized products in containers that enhance your workflow with codec, conversion and streaming features built on top of MainConcept’s leading broadcast technology. Each product integrates via command line or with container management tools like Docker and Kubernetes. MainConcept 2GO let’s you focus on building your custom production by using features for the following use-cases:

Broadcast File Transcoder
Transcoder all different types of source files into professional broadcast formats like Panasonic AVC-Ultra or Sony XAVC.

Audio Transcoder
File-based transcoding from uncompressed or compressed audio into multi-channel formats like HE-AAC.

OTT Live Encoder

Converts RTP/RTSP network stream into fMP4 video and audio with optional live packaging for HLS and DASH

OTT Live Packager
Live ingest of compressed audio and video via RTMP with packaging and playlist generation for HLS and DASH.

OTT File Encoder
Converts input file into fMP4 video and audio with optional packaging for HLS and DASH

OTT File Packager
File ingest of compressed audio and video with packaging and playlist generation for HLS and DASH. 

HDR Converter
Read compressed video files in HDR for conversion into other HDR flavors. 

IMF Packaging
Creation of IMF Packages using ProRes or J2K material, conversion from complex to simple packages.

Ready-to-use RTSP streaming server



Fits any software service

MainConcept 2GO is codecs and streaming, pre-packaged as single optimized containerized applications for fast and flexible deployment to any workflow.



Download the MainConcept 2GO container to your local server or directly into the cloud VM, and you are ready to go.


Scalable & cloud-ready

Launch as many MainConcept 2GO instances as you need and scale them down again if project allows.


Pay what you use

The built-in unified reporting allows you to always monitor usage and makes you pay only for the actual time MainConcept 2GO instances are running.


Runtime in safe container

MainConcept 2GO products run in virtualized containers encapsulated from the host computer or virtual machine which makes the runtime behavior safe from your own environment.


Self-contained product

A MainConcept 2GO product is a final, ready-to-use product that is controlled via command line or container management tools without programming skills required.


Single feature modules

MainConcept 2GO products can be used as a lightweight standalone module or if required, connect with other modules to build a service chain that fulfills the requirements of a larger workflow.

Tech Specs

A MainConcept 2GO product is delivered as a download package. The package contains the actual MainConcept 2GO container binary as well as documentation, installation instructions, usage scripts and integration guidelines.

Before running the container it must be installed in the Docker(R) environment either locally or in farms using other container management tools like Swarm or Kubernetes. Example scripts show how to install, start and stop the container using various tools and with different parameters.

Once started, the MainConcept 2GO instance is active and ready to use. The interface for data transfers in and out depends on the type of 2GO product. For live streaming use cases MainConcept 2GO allows a direct IP network connection in and out of the container. For file-based use cases a folder on the host is mapped into the container and used for input and output.

MainConcept 2GO containers are best suited for large deployments in local or virtual server farms, including cloud platforms.

System Requirements

MainConcept 2GO products are containerized applications that run in all environments supported by Docker. Known systems include Microsoft Windows 10, Linux and most cloud platforms from Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Support on Windows 7, 8 and macOS is limited with Docker Toolbox and a 3rd party virtualization software.


Users launch and stop MainConcept 2GO containers instantly as projects require. A unified usage reporting is built into the containers to make monitoring your costs easy.

Fixed licensing options measure monthly or quarterly:

  • number of installed MainConcept 2GO products or
  • maximum number of simultaneous instances*

Usage-based licensing options measure monthly or quarterly:

  • cumulative use of MainConcept 2GO instances*

* An instance is created when a MainConcept 2GO container is started. Multiple instances created per server or VM are counted respectively

If your business requires specific licensing options please contact a MainConcept sales representative.


Looking for a product like MainConcept 2GO? No problem, please contact us and let us know your questions.