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On this site, you’ll find details that break down the SDK into components you will need for a given workflow. It will show you how to enable different types of use cases with our technology, how to quickly test our technologies, and what products you will need to license to achieve your goals.


An overview of all core libraries for encoding, decoding, streaming, multiplexing and demultiplexing, and processing provided by MainConcept. Moreover, you get more information about which related products you need to license for supporting a specific format.

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Provides an outline and licensing options for our Transcoding SDK, which integrates multiple MainConcept components to provide more than 150 ready-to-use presets for file-based transcoding. Using this software framework saves development time integrating and configuring individual codecs and related components. Transcoding SDK works as an additional transcoding layer above the renowned MainConcept Codec SDKs.

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Use Cases

A list of high-level use cases enabled by MainConcept SDKs. This resource is a summary of common examples where MainConcept technology is an essential part of the workflow, such as MPEG-DASH live streaming, HEVC content preparation, XAVC Media Playback and many more.

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The MainConcept SDKs comes with a huge set of pre-compiled samples, including corresponding source code, so users can easily extend, modify and compile them for their own purposes. They provide an easy guidance of how to use the MainConcept components.

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Detailed summary of all MainConcept SDKs and their included components, so developers get an overview about what packages are available for licensing.

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Why MainConcept?

  • Best of breed codec technologies with great performance and quality
  • Robust API architecture across all components to ensure reliability and reduce development complexity
  • MainConcept technology is used extensively, powering video solutions across different industries
  • Top tier technical integration support to help get your product to market faster and with lower project risk
  • Flexible licensing options