HTML5 Video in Action

HTML5 is the upcoming standard for designing and presenting multimedia content on a web page. HTML5 video is intended to be the new way to show video online, but it lacks of a proper agreement as to which video formats should be supported in the video tag. You have the opportunity to choose between several codecs and container combinations. H.264/AVC for Video compression, AAC for audio compression and MP4 as container have come in first to become the new standard for HTML's video tag.

HTML5 with H.264/AVC is now supported by all major browser providers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft IE. Additionally, the advantages of this technology were embraced from many content providers, like YouTube, CBS, Facebook and Google. MainConcept Reference can close the gap between the common Flash delivery standard and non-Flash devices, such as Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad by offering clear, high-quality H.264/AVC content delivery for all devices.

HTML5 demo content build into MP4 Container!

H.264/AVC Video Compression

AAC Audio Compression