Dear valued customer,

Following up NAB 2015, where we showed a split screen video quality comparison demonstrating HEVC bitrate savings over AVC, as well as a demo of our latest Codec SDK using TotalCode Studio with its numerous ready-to-use presets, we are pleased to share the following new product release announcements:

  • MainConcept HEVC SDK 5.0 includes the following updates:
    • a DirectShow filter for the HEVC Video Encoder
    • the encoder has been enhanced to support Adaptive Quantization and picture re-encoding for improved visual quality and strict HRD compliance
    • the Decoder's performance has been significantly improved allowing 10-bit real-time playback
    • New HEVC features have been added (Different Merge Levels & Constrained Intra Prediction) bringing the Decoder another step closer to feature completeness.
  • MainConcept Transcoding SDK 3.6 includes the following updates:
    • ready-to-use HEVC Main 10 profiles for 10-bit encoding up to 4K
    • encoding for Apple HLS streaming, including master playlist generation.

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The MainConcept Team

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