The different parts of DASH

The MPEG-DASH standard covers a number of specific aspects of the streaming value chain, from playlist creation, muxing and packaging, HTTP server playlist/manifest file, and playback client. MainConcept SDKs can enable 3rd parties to integrate any part of the complete MPEG-DASH ecosystem into their application, services or environments:

File and Playlist Creation
– HEVC/H.265 or AVC/H.264 encoded video with DASH compliant AAC audio packaged with DASH common encryption and wrapped into ISO BMFF along with a playlist file.


MPEG-DASH Playback Client
– Available for PC and mobile platforms, DASH playback clients enable consumer devices to select the optimal bitrate file for the best playback experience.

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MainConcept SDK DASH Products

DASH-264 Video Preparation
DASH Muxing and Packaging SDK
DASH Muxing and Packaging SDK which includes the DASH MP4 multiplexer for H.264/AVC DASH-264 compliant VOD profile creation and playlist generation to be used in conjunction with H.264/AVC SDK to encode the AVC video stream
DASH-265 Video Preparation
DASH Muxing and Packaging SDK
DASH-265 compliant Live and VOD profile creation to be used in conjunction with HEVC SDK to encode the HEVC video streams
DASH Audio Preparation
Fraunhofer AAC Encoder SDK DASH compliant AAC audio streams for H.265/HEVC or H.264/AVC video. Fraunhofer AAC Encoder is included in both the H.264/AVC Codec SDK and HEVC SDK
DASH Client
DASH Demuxing and Client SDK
H.264/AVC Decoder SDK
H.265/HEVC Decoder SDK
Mobile SDK
DASH Live and VOD playback achieved using DASH Demuxing and Client SDK in combination w/ H.264/AVC Decoder SDK or H.265/HEVC Decoder SDK for PC Mobile SDK enables DASH Demuxing and Client for DASH.264 or DASH.265 playback on mobile