The audio and video world is becoming more complex with new formats, profiles and unique feature requirements for different applications. MainConcept™ is the one-stop-shop for codec development tools that allows software developers and content creators to focus on creativity and new markets, while leaving issues like codec standards, system performance optimizations, format compliance and audio/video quality to us. 

With an unprecedented number of audio and video formats available in the market today, it is critical to have a codec partner capable of providing encoding and decoding solutions that meet industry standards, are easy to integrate, and provide the performance necessary for leading edge applications.

SDK Sales

MainConcept is the world‘s leading provider of software development kits for adding audio and video encoding, decoding, transcoding and streaming to software applications. MainConcept SDKs power many of the most popular broadcast, professional and consumer applications in the market today. Our combination of high quality encoding and decoding, performance optimized for the latest processors and operating systems, as well as support for all of the major international codec standards in use today makes MainConcept the development community‘s favorite source for codec technology.

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Application and Plug-In Sales

Audio and video technology is used in many different markets and for many different applications. Because people work in different work flows with different tools and with different needs, MainConcept makes its technology available in many different forms as well.

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