Let’s make the next release of MainConcept codecs and plugins the best yet. As a beta tester, you get early access to our technology and the ability to provide direct input. Your feedback also ensures we release products that are built to meet your needs.

Not to mention that when the product goes mainstream, you’ll already be a step ahead of your competition. Isn’t being first best? Sign up to become a beta tester today.

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ARM desktop

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    What is the MainConcept beta program?
    The MainConcept beta program gives video professionals the chance to test and provide feedback on new and upgraded products before they are released. Your feedback helps to ensure the best possible product is released, and that it meets your specific needs.

    Who can participate?
    The MainConcept beta program is open to companies and individuals in video production and delivery who apply with their work email address. You do not have to be a current MainConcept customer to participate.

    Does it cost money to join?
    No. There is no fee to be a MainConcept beta tester.

    Is there any compensation for participating?

    Not cash, but our most active participants can expect to receive some exclusive stuff in the mail, like t-shirts or other collectibles.

    What is my commitment as a beta tester?
    Beta testers will be asked to provide feedback on the setup and usage of the test product. Feedback can include testing for compatibility, integration, performance, and reliability.

    How will feedback be collected?

    We will primarily communicate via webform and email. In some cases, if mutually agreed, a phone or video discussion may be requested.

    I am interested in participating in the ARM Desktop beta group, how do I get hold of the necessary Apple or Windows hardware?
    Apple is allowing developers to apply for a modified Mac mini to develop and test their apps on a Mac with ARM-based architecture. For Windows, there are several ARM-based devices available for purchase at various retail outlets.

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