... including the Broadcast & Film, IPTV & Streaming, Multimedia & Consumer Electronics, Security & Surveillance, Medical & Healthcare, Digital Signage and Industrial markets by providing a large library of industry standard codec formats running on multiple platforms.
Because of our large installed base of customers in multiple markets, MainConcept can provide the mass market compatibility, speed and quality necessary in all markets while also adding optimizations and customizations to satisfy the unique market requirements of the individual industries.

Broadcast & Professional

MainConcept technology powers many of the broadcast, film and post-production solutions from the biggest names in the business. From Hollywood productions to television, cable and satellite broadcasting to transcoding farms and content management systems; MainConcept is there with solutions that empower professional creative software applications to encode, decode, transcode and stream the most popular formats used in this incredibly diverse marketplace. Not only does MainConcept provide the mass market output formats used in this market, but we also have long term and strategic relationships with the leading camera manufacturers so support for the latest camera formats is ensured. Creative professionals work in demanding environments and need tools that deliver content that is of the highest quality with the utmost format compatibility.


IPTV & Streaming

With the growing penetration of broadband Internet in homes and businesses, demand for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is growing rapidly, giving subscribers easy access to live television programming, time-shifted programming, even movies and TV content on demand. Add to this the wide proliferation of video streaming of both professional and user generated content from websites; the market for content delivered via the internet is exploding. MainConcept provides the key audio, video and streaming technologies that enable content to be delivered over IP networks at the highest quality possible with minimal usage of bandwidth.


Multimedia & Consumer Electronics

MainConcept codec solutions power many of the most well known mass market consumer hardware and software solutions on the market today. MainConcept solutions enable multimedia and consumer electronics companies to deliver consumers a breathtaking video and audio playback experience, whether in the home, in the office, or on the go. MainConcept offers not only a broad range of popular consumer formats, but also the broadest level of format compatibility and interoperability available, ensuring consumers get an enjoyable, reliable experience every time. MainConcept solutions are architected to work on the wide installed base of consumer systems in the market today while also being optimized for the latest systems to be released.

Digital Signage

Digital signage providers can easily link numerous flat-panel displays in a dizzying array of configurations to create traffic-stopping video wall displays for retail shops, airports, train stations, hospitals, and other locations; even push new content remotely over the network. MainConcept has the perfect solutions for this market combining high quality encoding for offline content creation with robust decoding solutions for long time, uninterrupted playback of content with no human intervention.

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Security & Surveillance

MainConcept codecs are the optimal solution for a variety of aerospace, defense, and security applications where it is mission critical to deliver high quality video imagery with minimal impact to platform bandwidth and unquestioned dependability. Whether it is a multi-camera corporate security solution, a UAV flight data recording application or a secure teleconferencing application, MainConcept has the solutions.


Medical Healthcare

The Medical & Healthcare markets are increasing turning to digital technology to improve quality and reduce costs. Whether it is medical imaging, telemedicine, documenting medical procedures, remote patient monitoring, hospital security or even producing videos on healthy living, this market has seen a dramatic increase in the use of video. With its emphasis on the highest video quality possible, MainConcept technology can give the Medical and Healthcare market the peace of mind that nothing will be missed while also providing bitrate efficient solutions for optimal storage or online streaming.